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As you know entrepreneurs have much to do and little time to do it in. On average entrepreneurs have 11 meetings schedule each week. How many meetings do you have per week?

More than 12

Did you know entrepreneurs are out of the country eight times per year on average? How often do you travel abroad?

More than 8

Have you missed an appointment in the past three months? Or have you had to cancel one, last minute?

Yes, once
Yes, one to five times
Yes more than five times

Do you spend time doing tasks that annoy you?

Yes, at least once per month
Yes, at least once per week
Yes, daily

Are there things you’d like to do but do not find the time for? Things like getting regular exercise, reading inspiring books or planning company strategy?

No, I manage just fine
A bit more time would be great!
Sports? reading books? I wish...

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Time management

Everyone knows the expression ‘time is money’. This, however, is a very limited view of time, because it is so much more. Time also is spending time with your loved ones, reaching business goals,  and living healthily. Time really is the key to a happy life.

When we see the agenda’s of our users before they start working with us we often see quite the opposite. They are incredibly busy and have no time in their agenda. However when you ask them if they are happy with what they spend their time on, the answer is often no.

Together with your Headroom PA you will review your goals for the coming period. We can set up a planning with your key deadlines in mind and will maintain these while managing your agenda for you. We guard your time and when necessary will provide guidance on what you spend your time on.  We will block off certain times for you to work on things you do not get to now. Or we plan more free time for you. Whatever you need. There will be more room for inspiration and goals will be achieved quicker. Having the feeling of ownership over your own time is winning!

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