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There are so many websites now that make booking travel easier that it becomes difficult to decide which to use. Going through all the options takes much time and energy and all the organising around a simple trip can end up being quite stressful.

Headroom PA’s are experts in this field and have a solid methodology for booking and organising travel. Making a trip plan, renting a car, booking tickets or a hotel, finding the nicest restaurants, we all manage it for you. And through all this we keep your specific preferences in mind – e.g. do you prefer isle of window – in order for your trip to really fit your needs.

We will make sure that everything from A to Z is clearly in your agenda. You will know exactly where to be, when, and how best to get there. We will also make sure that your boarding passes and other important documents are always easily available. And meanwhile, don’t worry about incoming calls or emails during your trip… we got it.

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