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Managing subscriptions

There are those tasks that keep getting put off but remain on your mind to do. For instance, switching mobile phone provider is one that pops up often. You have probably, like many others, spent hundreds of euros on subscriptions you make no use of. We love to fix this for you.

We will also call your internet provider to finally fix that wifi signal in your home or figure out the best way to have lunch delivered to your office. Saves you time and ‘headroom’ for other important things!

Time management

Everyone knows the expression ‘time is money’....

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Processing business cards

Almost every business owner has one: a...

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Raising and sending invoices is a time...

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Contract management

As an entrepreneur you frequently sign contracts,...

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CRM systeem management

A good CRM system indispensable for any...

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The big step of living in the...

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Weekends away

While it can be fun to plan...

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Shopping for gifts

A wedding, the birth of a child...

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There are so many websites now that...

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Finding the best nanny

Whether you are looking for the best...

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