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As you know entrepreneurs have much to do and little time to do it in. On average entrepreneurs have 11 meetings schedule each week. How many meetings do you have per week?

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Did you know entrepreneurs are out of the country eight times per year on average? How often do you travel abroad?

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Have you missed an appointment in the past three months? Or have you had to cancel one, last minute?

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Yes, one to five times
Yes more than five times

Do you spend time doing tasks that annoy you?

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Are there things you’d like to do but do not find the time for? Things like getting regular exercise, reading inspiring books or planning company strategy?

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Headroom Assistants are smart, fun and know like no other how to support entrepreneurs.


Headroom Assistance

Headroom offers Personal Assistance as a Service for entrepreneurs. Founder and CEO Kristel Kuit is herself an experienced secretary. After completing Schoevers (the Dutch premier secretarial education) she worked as PA for several years.

While getting a university degree in California, Kristel saw first hand that the American entrepreneur very much understands that he or she cannot do everything on their own. You can only be really successful when you have a team around you, and a PA is a crucial part of that.

Good support is indispensable, but the traditional secretary no longer fits with the entrepreneurs of today. From the very start Headroom aims to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to work with a PA, so that as an entrepreneur you really get the support that fits with you.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Kristel Kuit & Céline Doornink
  • 20+ team
  • 100+ users

Our Mission

We want to make it as easy as possible for you, as entrepreneur, to work with a Personal Assistant. We believe that if you can focus on the work that you love and that you are good at you will grow, be more successful and be happier!

Next to that we want to show the world how cool the job of a PA really is. As a PA, you work with the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs and directly contribute to their overall success. Gone are the days of the old stuffy admin-assistant image and the negative connotation to the profession of secretary, Headroom PA’s are true Rockstars!

Our vision

For every entrepreneur a Headroom PA!’ We do not only seek to offer our PA services to Dutch entrepreneurs, but, in time, will also support entrepreneurs in cities like Berlin, Paris, London, and LA. Long-term relationships are important to us: super happy users and of course the Happiness & Health of our Assistants are therefore always our number 1 priority.

Our team

Headroom Assistants are smart, fun and know like no other how to support entrepreneurs.

Our team is built on ambitious PA’s that know how to get things done and get their energy from supporting their entrepreneurs as best they can. Everyone aims to learn from each other, helps each other and makes sure there is also enough time to have fun together.

Happiness & Health of our PA’s are key focus areas for Headroom. Personal attention and growth; both professionally and privately are a priority. All of Headroom’s PA’s receive intensive training and support that is fine tuned to individual experience and needs. This way a Headroom PA will be the best he or she can be, for themselves and for their users!

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