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As you know entrepreneurs have much to do and little time to do it in. On average entrepreneurs have 11 meetings schedule each week. How many meetings do you have per week?

More than 12

Did you know entrepreneurs are out of the country eight times per year on average? How often do you travel abroad?

More than 8

Have you missed an appointment in the past three months? Or have you had to cancel one, last minute?

Yes, once
Yes, one to five times
Yes more than five times

Do you spend time doing tasks that annoy you?

Yes, at least once per month
Yes, at least once per week
Yes, daily

Are there things you’d like to do but do not find the time for? Things like getting regular exercise, reading inspiring books or planning company strategy?

No, I manage just fine
A bit more time would be great!
Sports? reading books? I wish...

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Booking flights, placing orders, processing receipts? We’ll do it all for you and save you a bunch of time.

Price per month from


Including 2 hours of tasks.

  • Online chores, research, travel, administration.
  • Daily inbox + agenda management
  • PA team
  • Slack
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Weekly
  • Face to face



Your team of PA’s is there for you so you can achieve more growth with less stress.

Price per month from


Including 16 hours of tasks.

  • Online chores, research, travel, administration.
  • Daily inbox + agenda management
  • Dedicated PA Team
  • Slack
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Weekly via telephone
  • Face to face


Your PA is part of your team en ensures your life is streamlined and you achieve your goals.

Price per month from


Including 28 hours of tasks.

  • Online chores, research, travel, administration.
  • Daily inbox + agenda management
  • Dedicated PA
  • Slack
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Weekly via tel or f2f
  • Face to face

Our Guarantees

Not happy the first 14 days? You pay nothing!

Your information is safe, all PA’s personally sign and NDA.

All Headroom PA’s are well educated and receive specialized Headroom training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my PA?

Who will be your PA depends on which subscription type you choose. With the Pro subscription any of our PA’s could potentially take care of your to-do’s and tasks as they come in.

With the Team subscription you will have a fixed team of a few PA’s. Our method is aimed at getting to the core of who you are and what you want to achieve. In addition every Headroom PA has the qualities to support you in the best way possible. Because of this the Headroom services are not dependent on one single PA.

The Headroom Promise:

  • Consistent PA service with uninterrupted support;
  • Team of Headroom PA’s. They make sure you achieve your goals, that your work is organised so that you can build your company;
  • Your team guarantees continuity and flexibility even during illness, vacation,  and part-time working hours;
  • The PA’s that work for for you know you goals and preferences. You do not have to train or manage them.

Would you still prefer to work with one dedicated PA that you meet with see face to face? You can! The Dedicated subscription is the best match for you in that case. You will have one point of contact that you work with (but like everything in life this person may eventually change).

We will make the match between you and your PA(‘s) and regularly evaluate your experience.

Can I cancel or change my subscription at any time?

Of course, just send an email to pa@iloveheadroom.com. We work with a one month notice period, starting from the 1st of the next month. A change to your subscription will also take effect per the 1st of the next month.

How many hours do I need?

You should choose your subscription based on your needs and preferences in terms of tasks and collaboration. If you choose the Pro subscription than you will have about two hours. With the Team subscription you have a minimum of 16 hours and with Dedicated you have a minimum of 28 hours at your disposal each month.  

Because every entrepreneur is different and has different needs, the number of hours used will be different for everyone. In a busy month you will use more hours than when it is quiet. But for everyone the same goes: the more hours your PA is working for you, the more time you have to spend on important things like strategy, growing revenue or you family.

We keep track of exactly how much time we work for you and send out a weekly overview of the details.

What if my PA calls in sick or goes on vacation?

One of the big advantages of working with Headroom is that the service always goes on, also when your PA’s is sick or on vacation. Because we know your preferences, current goals and log all your to-do’s, another of our PA’s can pick up the work seamlessly.

My business partner also wants a PA, how does this work?

Hurray, nice going! Just like your phone subscription of gym membership, the Headroom service is personal. Your business partner should sign up for the subscription that fits him or her best.

If I start my subscription, what can I expect?

Choose the subscription that you think fits you the best and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Together we choose a start date and subsequently plan an in-take during which we get to know each other and discuss our method and you preferences and goals. You do not have to prepare anything for this. After the in-take we compile your profile with all your key info. When this is set up we can get going for you!

  • You’ll receive a daily overview of the open tasks and their status.
  • On a weekly basis we’ll have a call to review current to-do’s and planning.
  • We always want to hear from you about how we can improve!
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